Important Tourist Place in Kanyakumari

Important Tourist Place in Kanyakumari

Kanniyakumari district is the smallest district in Tamil Nadu. Even though it is the
smallest in terms of area (1672/Sq.Km), the density of population is the highest
1119/Sq.Km in Tamil Nadu next to Chennai. In literacy it stands first. By its very location,
the District occupies a unique place amongst the districts of Tamil Nadu. It is the only
place in the entire world where one can witness both the rising and setting of the sun. It
has a coastal line of 71.5 kms stretched on the three sides. This small district is famous on
its vast green stretches of paddy fields, coconut groves, Rubber garden and luxurious
forests and the rare earth of the western sea shore and stretched valley mountain of the
Western Ghats.

Kanyakumari aerial view

Kanniyakumari District is named after the goddess ‘KANYAKUMARI’. The District lies
at the southernmost tip of the Indian peninsula, where Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and
Bay of Bengal confluence.

The District is bound by Tirunelveli District on the North and the east. The South Eastern
boundary is the Gulf of Mannar. On the South and the South West, the boundaries are
the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea. On the West and North West it is bound by

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Places to Visit

  • Thiruvalluvar Statue
  • Mahatma Gandhi Memorial
  • Mathoor Hanging Bridge
  • Tirparappu Water Falls
  • Fountain At Kanniyakumari
  • Kamarajar Manimandapam
  • Vivekananda Rock Memorial
  • Sunrise And Sunset
  • View Tower And Telescope House
  • Government Museum
  • Guganathaswamy Temple
  • Kumari – Hall Of History
  • Suchindrum
  • Kanniyakumari Bagavathiamman Temple
  • Udayagiri Fort
  • St. Xavier Church
  • Padmanabhapuram Palace
  • Pechiparai Dam
  • Peer Mohammed Durha
  • Maruthuva Malai
  • Chitharal
  • Muttom Beach
  • Sanguthurai Beach
  • Vattakottai (Circular Fort)
  • Chothavilai Beach
  • Ulakkai Aruvi
  • Mukkadal
  • Bay Watch (Water Theme Amusement Park), Kanniyakumari


Mahatma Gandhi Memorial

The place has been associated with great men like Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi in whose names memorials have been here. They are very beautiful and add to the attraction of this place.

Kanyakumari Mahatma Gandhi Memorial


Visiting Hours -7 AM To 7 PM
Entrance Free



Thiruvalluvar Statue

Thiruvalluvar is the immortal poet of Tamil Nadu and has given to the world Thirukkural. The memorial statue of Thiruvalluvar is in Kanniyakumari.

Kanyakumari Thiruvalluvar Statue

Some Details About The Statue Of Thiruvalluvar

Chief Sculptor – Dr. V. Ganapathy Sthapathi

Height of the statue of Thiruvalluvar – 95 feet

Total pieces of stones utilised for the statue – 1283

Weight of the statue – 2000 tons

Height of the Athaara Peedam – 38 feet

Total pieces of stone utilized – 672

Weight of the stones in the Peedam – 1500 tons

Total height of the monument – 133 feet

Height of the Alankara-Mandapam – 38 feet

Total pieces of stones utilized for the Mandapam – 1726

Weight of the stones in the Mandapam – 3500 tons

Total weight of the whole structure – 7000 tons

Number of steps upward – 70

Number of steps downward  – 70

Visiting Hours – 8 AM To 4 PM
Entrance Free Rs.20



Mathoor Hanging Bridge

The Mathoor Hanging Trough is the tallest as well as the longest trough bridge in Asia, having a height of 115 feet and a length of one kilometre.

Mathoor Hanging Bridge

The details of the bridge are:

Hydraulics Particulars


1. Length of flume 1240 ft. (378.05M)
2. Width 7’-6’ (2.286 M)
3. Height of trough 7’-0 (2.13 M)
4. Full supl. level 5’-6/(1.68 M)
5. Free board (3-4) 1’6’ (0.46 M)
6. Slope 1/1000
7. Velocity 5.1 Ft. per second / (1.55M/Sec)
8. Discharge 204 C.ft/Sec.
9. No. of span pillars 28
10. Length of span 40 feet (12.195 M)
11. Bed level, trough at start 230.55 (Cms.)
12. Bed level, trough at end 229.17 (Cms.)
13. Maximum height above ground level 104’.00 (28 M)
14. Construction cost Rs. 12.90 lakhs
Visiting Hours: From 07.00 AM to 07.00 PM
Rs.2 per person Rs.5 for Still Camera Rs.25 for Video Camera


Padmanabhapuram Palace

The entrance to the main edifice is controlled by another ornamental gateway with retainers for watch and ward. The gabled entrance has wooden ceiling profusely ornamented with lotus medallions. The most striking feature of the entrance is the clock-tower which is one of the oldest in India erected in 1832 A.D. and still continues to be in working order.

Padmanabhapuram Palace Entrance


Visiting Hours : From 09.00 AM to 01.00 PM and 02.00 P.M to 04.30 P.M.

Every Monday Holiday

Entry Fee Rs 25 for Adult & Rs.10 for Children.

Fees for Foreigners : Adult Rs 200 & Children Rs 50

Video and Camera Fee are Rs 1500 & Rs 25 Respectively

Separate fee for Car parking